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My Personal Projects





  1. a girl who organizes and operates a business or businesses, taking on greater than normal financial risks.

Being creative is one of the perks of the job. Check out the projects which once were ideas and I put to action. 

Want to invest or be part of any of the projects? Let's Chat! 

HoliPosts is a great software tool for small business owners, social media managers & digital marketing agencies who have social media profiles. Set yourself apart from your competitors and be inclusive. Instantly create your posts for holidays, awareness months & national days all personalized to your brand. It does not have to be complicated with HoliPosts it's a simple click, and Ta-Da, Boom, PWow it's designed for you in less than 60 sec. 

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Officially Divorced is a social business in which we celebrate divorce. We believe people who divorce should heal before they go on to their next adventure. Our project is building a  community of support, information, history, and a product for the Divorce industry. Coming 2022

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We believe Love always wins and InvitedByLove was founded with the passion to joining families at events. Bespoke custom event invitations, signage, event planning, event branding. 

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